Difference between Rspec and Cucumber

RSpec and Cucumber are both testing frameworks. RSpec includes traditional Unit Testing (which means testing a class or part of the application in isolation from the rest of the application. So your model does what your model is supposed to do, the controller does what it is supposed to do, etc). Rspec is a popular […]

How to get current_user in model and observer Rails

If you want to log the user who created, updates and delete a object in specific model.There is no default way to fetch the current user in models, current_user is always assigned in controllers (as per authentication plugins, restful_authentication, authlogic and devise). Found one way, by adding some steps in model/user.rb, we can get the […]

Active Record Callbacks in Rails

Originally posted on Srikanta :
Callbacks are a great technique for achieving simplicity and flexibility. Callbacks provide a means of hooking into an ActiveRecord object’s life-cycle. A hook is a technique that lets you trap some Ruby event with ActiveRecord, such as object creation. Callbacks are hooks that allow you to trigger logic before or after…